About Us – Fabulous Creations Jewelry

About Us

I'm Gina, the founder and creator of Fabulous Creations.
I have always had a creative soul and dabbled in many artistic outlets. 
It wasn't until several years ago that I realized where my true passion lies.
While on a trip to the beautiful Caribbean Island of St.Croix, I was inspired by
a woman who had her own handcrafted jewelry shop.
When I returned home, I began researching gemstones, their properties and many types of
jewelry techniques. I wanted to create jewelry that wasn't found in just any store.
I wanted my collections to have a special meaning and to be affordable for everyone.
And from there.......Fabulous Creations was born!
I started selling jewelry at craft and vendor events and gaining a following of customers.
I proceeded to expand to the Internet and created my place on Etsy.  I have two
successful shops on Etsy and I'm so excited to now have my own home here on the internet.
My jewelry collections continue to grow and I am always excited creating each piece of jewelry
knowing someone around the world will be wearing and enjoying it. I am so happy that I get
to do what I love each and every day!  It is my PASSION!
Thanks for stopping by!  ~Gina~
Gina Fagnani