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About Me


I'm Gina, the founder and creator of the brand Fabulous Creations.  Fabulous Creations was established in 2010. Forget Me Not Scents is a division of Fabulous Creations. 

I have always had a creative soul and dabbled in many artistic outlets. Several years ago while on a trip to the beautiful Caribbean Island of St.Croix, I was inspired by a woman who had her own handcrafted jewelry shop.  When I returned home, I began researching gemstones, their properties and many types of jewelry techniques. I wanted to create collections of fine jewelry that was unique and that could not be found by just walking into any store.  I wanted my collections to have special meaning and to be affordable for everyone.

And from there.......Fabulous Creations was born!

Fast forward to 2018 and I am excited to include my other passion, alternative healthy living.

I am an avid lover of nature....every aspect of it. The trees, the sky, the flowers, the ocean, the four seasons so most of my formulas are inspired and derived from nature. Oh yea, I am also a lover of chocolate, so you'll see that sprinkled in as well......lol. <wink>

My journey of alternative health started over 15 years ago when my son was having difficulties in school. I was determined not to put him on any toxic medications so my research began. I gave him homeopathic formulas, took away dairy and some food addictive and worked with him the best way I found. Today he is a thriving young man and a pretty awesome person too!

I just love the idea of using what God put on this big ole planet for us. I take supplements and vitamins to keep my body and immune system strong from the inside but it's just as important what we put on our bodies on the outside and that is how Forget Me Not Scents began.

I became intrigued with the powerful effects of essential oils and started testing mixtures and recipes. Some of the scents and formulas I fell in love with and some not so much. What I offer you are natural products crafted from the highest quality ingredients to make you feel and look fabulous! 

I am always excited creating each piece of jewelry and bottle of perfume
knowing someone around the world will be wearing and enjoying it. I am so happy that I get to do what I love each and every day!  It is my PASSION!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  ~Gina~

Gina Fagnani