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When in doubt: Denim and White March 19, 2019 11:08

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There's just something about denim and white. They look so clean and crisp together. They are a perfect combination for pretty much any season and can be dressed up or down. Wear with flats for an afternoon running errands or heels and some jewelry for a night out.


Here are a few pieces of denim and white to help you transition into Spring. Each piece is linked for easy finding and $25.00 or under.


White blouse, Spring fashion

White Tie Front tops are very popular right now and this white one is perfect for move into Spring. Can dress up for work or parties or dress down for the weekend.  Click here for details---->   WHITE BLOUSE


white high low blouse

Long tunic high low style is flowing comfortable and so trendy. Click here for details ---->  WHITE TUNIC


bell sleeve top


A light bell sleeve with crochet trim is just right for cooler mornings and warm afternoons of March and April.  Click here for details---> BELL SLEEVE TOP


You probably already have a favorite pair of jeans, but here is a great skinny jean for under $25.00.  Click here for details--->  JEANS

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5 Must Have Tops for Spring March 16, 2019 14:31

With Spring just around the corner and warmer days we are excited to start updating our Spring wardrobe.  Here are five great tops to help you transition into the new season. They are versatile and affordable.



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A soft pink blouse is a great staple piece because you can wear to work with a blazer during the week and add a pretty cami underneath on the weekends for date night or girls day out.

The second blouse adds a pop of color and can be worn with black, navy or white pants or skirt for a more dressed up look or with jeans for a weekend event.

Navy blue is great for Spring and Summer. This tunic with ruffled sleeves is perfect over dressy grey pants or skirt for work or a party and is amazing with jeans and some sterling silver jewelry for a night out with your girlfriends. 

The bottom two short sleeve tops are very versatile as you can wear in Spring and on hot Summer days. Soft neutral tones are perfect under a cardigan or blazer for your day at work. If it happens to be an unusually warm day in Spring (which sometimes it does happen here in New Jersey)  just take it off and you're comfortable. During the Summer months, these tops will look fantastic over capris or skorts. 

Get all the details for these tops here--->  TOP DETAILS

Find the perfect accessories for these tops here--->  NEW ARRIVALS

Want to be notified first of new designs and sales, click here----> VIP GIRL

5 Ways to wear a Wrap Dress March 06, 2019 15:35

Many decades ago, the designer Diane Von Furstenberg said "Feel like a woman, wear a dress" and introduced her classic wrap dress. The wrap dress is still a favorite among woman of all ages. It can be worn many different ways, for many occasions and is flattering to all sizes.

Here are 5 ways to wear a Wrap Dress:

1) Wear a cute print with wedgy shoes and light jewelry for a casual afternoon walking through a craft fair, going to brunch or on vacation.

Spring style, how to wear a wrap dress, Summer dress

Click here for outfit details---->   SHOP LOOK


2) Layer a cute cardigan or jacket over the dress for a day at the office. Then if you're going 
out to dinner afterward just take it off and show off your necklaces for a dressed up look.
office out, what to wear to work, wrap dress, black blazer, professional style

Click here for outfit details----> SHOP LOOK


3) A classic black and white wrap dress can be dressed up to even wear to a wedding. Like this one here is perfect for a Summer wedding. Add a bit of sparkle with some statement jewelry and high black heels.
what to wear to a Summer wedding, how to wear a wrap dress, Spring style

Click here for outfit details-------> SHOP LOOK



4) Add leggings to a shorter wrap dress for a bohemian feel and perfect vacation outfit.


bohemian style, denim wrap dress, Summer fashion, vacation outfit, boho jewelry

Click here for outfit details----> SHOP LOOK



5) Picking a solid color wrap dress gives you many styling options to dress up or down. Add a pretty shawl or wrap to change up the look, a statement necklace and heels for date night or casual sandals for vacation.

Summer style, Spring fashion ideas, how to style a wrap dress,
Click here for outfit details-----> SHOP LOOK
Most wrap dresses are made in a silky material more suitable for warmer months. But you can stretch the months by adding jackets and shawls as shown. Get creative and put a new twist on a classic.

Let's Talk Bracelets! Bracelet Trends March 04, 2019 10:26

With Spring and Summer on the way, we'll be wearing shorter sleeves and wearing more bracelets. Beaded stone bracelets, bangles and cuffs are really a hot trend. Layering them and stacking them can create endless looks.


But let's be honest, they are really not that comfortable. If you are working at a desk or counter or need to write, your wrist is basically sitting on these hard stones or hard metal bangle. It's pretty much the same with cuffs having to pry open the metal and squeeze your wrist through a small opening that leaves you with a scratched wrist. 


Which is why I created a bangle cuff style with a clasp. I have created two styles, one that is mainly Sterling Silver and one that has the look of a beaded style.You get the trendy look and can stack them but you have the comfort and ease of a clasp. So now your wrist is not sitting on top of some hard round stones while your trying to write.

sterling silver bangle, aqua chalcedony bracelet, silver cuff

druzy bracelet, beaded boho style bracelet, beaded bangle bracelet, handmade jewelry, Fabulous Creations Jewelry


These are not costume stretch style bracelets. Each genuine gemstone bead is hand wire wrapped with sterling silver or gold filled wire. And they are each one of a kind crafted from unique natural gemstones. Find your favorite style here BRACELET STYLES and create your own runway look this Spring.

If you have a custom request, feel free to contact us anytime. We'd love to work with you!

beaded bangle bracelet, druzy crystals bracelet

7 Easy Ways to update your Spring Wardrobe February 18, 2019 12:12

While I love the brisk air and wearing boots and comfy sweaters I do look forward to each new season. I love something about all four of the seasons. With Spring on it's way, I wanted to share 7 easy ways to update your wardrobe affordably.


1) Add a pop of color
During the Winter months, you were probably wearing more black, navy and brown. Spring is the perfect time to add some refreshing color. This gorgeous Wild Rose Blouse offers a breath of Spring air. Also available in a vibrant stripe print and on major sale at JcPenney.
pink blouse, affordable Spring fashion, Spring style


2) Add some Stripes
Some soft stripes such as this top is versatile and fresh looking. Wear with jeans on the weekend and black pants to work. 
Spring Fashion, fashion for women, stripped blouse, women over 40, fashion blog, Fabulous Creations Jewelry


3) Florals
Nothing says Spring more than flowers. While I'm not fond of heavy bold flowers, I do really like a subtle
blend of florals. This blouse actually offers both florals and stripes. Great for work or a night out with the girls.
floral blouse, tie front top, Spring fashion ideas


4) Fresh Crisp White
Clean crisp white goes with absolutely everything. You can never go wrong with white. This white tunic from Macy's can be dressed up or down for many looks. You'll find yourself living in this one and it's on sale.
white tunic, Macys, Spring top, womens fashion tips, Fabulous Creations Jewelry, fashion blogger


5) Eyelet
Eyelet is a feminine design and is perfect for breezy days of Spring and into Summer. This off the shoulder eyelet floral design offers many Spring elements to take you into the new season.
eyelet top, off the shoulder top, Spring tops, Fashion ideas 2019, Runway Look, NYC Fashion


6) Open Toe Shoes
With days now getting warmer, it's time to break out the open toe shoes. This neutral pair is trendy yet with a wider heel also offers comfort.
beige sandals, neutral shoes, Spring shoes, open toe shoes


7) Fresh Accessories
And last but certainly not least fresh accessories. Your accessories pulls your look together. A cute bag and unique jewelry adds your own personal touch to your look. This neutral toned druzy necklace adds an organic Spring like feel.
druzy necklace, layering necklace, Spring fashion, women accessories
More New Arrivals:  NEW ARRIVALS


The Beauty and Meaning of Gemstones February 09, 2019 15:38

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So many people love the unique beauty of gemstones but don't know the energy and
meaning that each one carries. I wanted to share some top favorites and show you that 
they are more than just beautiful.
Amethyst is a pretty common well known stone. It is a protective stone and helps to clear the mind of negative energy. Amethyst is the birthstone for February, and known as the Zodiac stone for Pisces. It is also linked to the element of Wind. This element is believed to activate the mind, and assist in clairvoyance and intuition. It is the ideal stone for meditation. Well known for it's deep purple color, Amethyst is also available in pink and green. 
Moonstone comes in many shades such as peach, grey and yes even chocolate. But the most known variety is rainbow moonstone
which is more white and translucent. All of them are absolutely stunning! Moonstone carries the energy of the new moon.
Helps to relieve stress and anxiety and believed to bring good fortune.
Agate stones come in almost every color and combination of stripes and banded making them truly unique and one of a kind. They are a grounding stone bringing about harmony. Provides support and strength.
Rose Quartz, the stone of love. Soft pink color is believed to raise self esteem and balance the emotions. Brings an abundance of happiness to the wearer.
Chalcedony is in the family as Agates. Available in many gorgeous colors like blue, pink, aqua, yellow, white and many have a translucent look.  Chalcedony strengthens your ability to make positive changes in your life. A nurturing stone helping to absorb negative energy and aligning the mind, body & spirit.
Aquamarine is an icy blue stone of enlightenment and spiritual awareness. Guardian of a quiet sea, some say Aquamarine is the stone of mermaids. Soothing to the mind bringing about peace.
Citrine is the stone of happiness and joy. Enhances mental clarity and the flow of ideas in the creative process. Carries an energy as bright as it's color. The birthstone for November.
Opal is a highly regarded gem. There are many variations and each one equally beautiful. Some of the types of Opal are Fire, Boulder, Dentritic, Blue and a few others. They enhance creativity and emotional stability. The energies of this stone will also encourage you to express your true self. You will feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.
Sapphire is the stone of wisdom, prophecy, and royalty. A vibrant dark blue stone that brings protection and good fortune. Sapphires have been treasured and used for thousands of years. The birthstone for September but loved by many.

Unafraid to be Yourself January 29, 2019 18:00

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I was creating this graphic to share with our followers on our Facebook page Fabulous Creations Jewelry  and I felt something so powerful from it.  We all know that it can be difficult to be ourselves every single day. It takes courage to be unafraid to be our true self.

And this quote spoke to me because it is pretty much the inspiration behind my brand. I want to help all women feel unique and special in their own skin. So remember no matter the day or situation, always be unafraid to be yourself. Love yourself, trust yourself and be YOU!

The Beauty and Meaning of the Lotus Flower January 11, 2019 13:05

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I love incorporating the enchanting Lotus Flower in many of my designs. One reason is pretty obvious, it's just so beautiful. But on a deeper more meaningful level that many people may not be aware of is the powerful message it brings. 


The lotus flower grows in lakes and ponds in dark muddy murky conditions. However, this little flower overcomes these harsh conditions and makes its way towards the surface where it is clearer. The little stem continues to grow until it is out of the water and in the clean fresh air where it begins to open each gorgeous petal into the bright sunshine. This amazing flower is now ready to take on the world more beautiful than ever despite the obstacles it had to endure. 


This is such a beautiful and uplifting message for our lives as well. No matter the difficulty or struggles we may have, we always have the ability to rise above and become more radiant than ever before.


See our Lotus Flower Collection here--->  LOTUS FLOWER

2019 Jewelry Trends December 27, 2018 18:30

2019 jewelry trends, runway look, handmade jewelry, boho jewelry, stacking bracelets


In just a few days we'll be ringing in a new year. The new jewelry trends for 2019 are exciting and more bold than the minimal styles we've been seeing for quite a while. 

The runways were graced with cascading necklaces, chunkier bracelets and larger eye catching earrings for the upcoming Spring season. The fashion statements will be more creative with a bolder feel. 

Layering necklaces and bracelets are another popular choice and the chance to get creative and achieve a look of your own. Combining metals, shapes, gemstones and textures accessorize your look effortlessly.
Accessorize with a mix of jewelry that infuses your wardrobe with a spark of personality and creativity.

6 Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas October 07, 2018 12:10

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With so much to do when planning a wedding, sometimes gifts for your Bridesmaids might slip your mind. When it comes to deciding on gifts for your bridal party, being realistic and basic is best. Many Brides choose items that say "Bridesmaid" or "Maid of Honor", and while those items are perfect for bachelorette weekend they really don't make the best choices as your gift to say thank you to your bridesmaids for being by your side on your wedding day. Those types of items will be worn or used once or twice and then tossed in a closet never to be seen.
Choose a gift your girls can actually use and enjoy long after the wedding bells stop ringing. They've invested time and money into preparing for your special day so a gift they can use will be very appreciated. Here is a list of 6 top gift ideas I think your girls will love and you'll love giving them. Each item is linked for easy finding and ordering.
satin robe for bridesmaid, bridal party best gift ideas, wedding planning
A pretty satin robe is always a good idea. They can be worn the morning of the wedding and everyday after. A robe is a basic item she can take on vacation and enjoy for many years. Find this robe here----> SATIN ROBE
bridesmaid bracelet, aqua bracelet, Spring wedding, best gift for bridesmaid
A simple yet pretty bracelet is perfect to wear the day of the wedding and definitely something she will wear and enjoy for a long time. Choose a stone that compliments your theme or season.  These bracelets are custom made. Find bracelet here ------> BRACELET
clutch bag, bridesmaid gift idea
Let's be honest, a girl can never have too many bags. A clutch or small tote is a great gift idea for your bride tribe. She can use it for work, girls night out or day trips. These handmade bags are made in Colorado from yoga mats. Find these awesome bags here-----> CLUTCH BAG
natural perfume, bridesmaid gift idea, best gifting ideas
Natural Perfume is a unique and affordable gift that she can use and feel good about wearing. Made only with natural oils and essentials oils. Scents like Lavender and Jasmine will help her relax through her long days. Find this gift here----> NATURAL PERFUME
polaroid camera, bridesmaid gift
Say cheese! A trendy instant film camera will surely surprise her. Compact and fun for her to take pictures at the wedding and create and savor memories later as well. Find this cute camera here ------> CAMERA
personalized necklace, bridesmaid gift, custom stamped necklace, maid of honor sister gift, personalized gift
Personalized gifts make the best gifts. A custom necklace with her initial is truly special and something she'll cherish. These pretty hearts are available in Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. Find this beautiful necklace and card set here---> INITIAL NECKLACE

Best Women's Jackets for Fall September 18, 2018 15:14

Jackets are a Fall staple that finishes off your outfit as well as a needed layer when the temps get chilly. Here are some top jacket trends for Fall.

The Belted Jacket

Accentuate your waist with a belted jacket that is perfect for Fall and great to wear to work or a night out.

belted jacket for women, Fall jackets, Fall fashion trends


Jacket #1---->

Jacket #2---->

Jacket #3---->


Animal Print

As far as I'm concerned, animal prints are always in style and a great addition to any outfit. Here are some chic ideas

animal print jackets, Fall fashion trends 2018


Jacket #1---->

Jacket #2---->

Jacket #3---->



Blazers used to be mainly worn to the office but with so many styles of blazers they are great with pretty much everything.

blazers for Fall, work outfit, Fall styles Layering jacket, denim jacket


Blazer #1---->

Blazer #2---->

Blazer #3---->



What to wear to a Fall Wedding September 11, 2018 22:16

Fall wedding season is getting started. What a beautiful time of year to get married. Burst of colors from changing leaves and blooming mums accent the surroundings. I also love the vibrant colors of fashion.....plums, greens, midnight blue, burgundy. Here are some gorgeous Fall outfits to inspire you on what to wear to your Fall weddings and parties. Each piece is linked for easy viewing if something catches your eye.


plum dress, Fall wedding, wedding guest dress

 What a gorgeous style and color! This dress will have you looking fabulous! Find it here----> PLUM DRESS


maroon jumpsuit, Fall wedding outfit, strapless,


You don't always have to wear a dress to a wedding. I definitely think pants are more comfortable. This jumpsuit is glamorous and sexy and such a beautiful color. Find it here---> JUMPSUIT


teal blue dress, what to wear to a wedding, Fabulous Creations Jewelry


This color is stunning! Unique styling with the chiffon overlay. See this beauty here----> TEAL BLUE DRESS


And the perfect necklace to compliment each one of these gorgeous outfits is our Sterling Silver Moonstone Petal Necklace

sterling silver petal necklace, teardrop moonstone necklace, Fabulous Creations Jewelry