What to wear to a Summer Wedding? July 10, 2018 18:55

Here we are almost mid July, you're busy running around trying to keep the kids occupied, soaking up as much sun as possible by the pool or beach, waiting patiently for vacation and then you remember that Summer wedding you responded too over a month ago. Now you have no idea what to wear nor do you want to break the bank.  Here are some beautiful dress ideas I linked below that are all under $50.00!

floral sheath dress, Macy dress sale, Summer wedding dress, Fabulous Creations


This lovely floral sheath dress is the perfect dress for a Summer wedding. The flowers add a bit of sparkle and you can later add a jacket or cardigan over it for an entirely new look in the Fall that you can wear to work or an evening out.



layered shift dress, fushia dress, Summer dress, wedding guest


This layered shift dress in fushia is downright HOT! Add some amazing shoes (that you might already have in your closet) and some sparkling jewels (hint hint, this is the Fabulous Creations Jewelry website) and you will look smokin hot! Then pack this little beauty in your suitcase and wear it on vacation.


black halter dress, maxi dress, wedding fashion, Macys


Can never go wrong with a long black dress. This halter maxi will take you to many parties. It's sleek yet comfortable. And yes, it's under $50.00.