The Meaning Behind The Infinity April 11, 2018 11:09

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The Infinity symbol is a simple shape yet much more complex and meaningful than most people know. The figure eight symbol is known in mathematics as "lemniscate" and refers to an infinitely large number, but not any specific number, just an infinitely large quantity. This mysterious symbol was discovered way back in 1655, yet dates back much older as a religious symbol.

It signifies many meanings such as balance between opposites like day and night and men and women. Because the loops are balanced on each side, it represents equality between these opposing forces or beings. Bringing the two together and becoming one such as the unity of a marriage and bond of love.

The infinity symbol also represents a completion and wholeness and the infinite bonds of our daily life such as friendships and family.

Such a powerful and meaningful little symbol to wear each day as a reminder of equality, unity and infinite love.

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