The Beauty and Meaning of the Lotus Flower January 11, 2019 13:05

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I love incorporating the enchanting Lotus Flower in many of my designs. One reason is pretty obvious, it's just so beautiful. But on a deeper more meaningful level that many people may not be aware of is the powerful message it brings. 


The lotus flower grows in lakes and ponds in dark muddy murky conditions. However, this little flower overcomes these harsh conditions and makes its way towards the surface where it is clearer. The little stem continues to grow until it is out of the water and in the clean fresh air where it begins to open each gorgeous petal into the bright sunshine. This amazing flower is now ready to take on the world more beautiful than ever despite the obstacles it had to endure. 


This is such a beautiful and uplifting message for our lives as well. No matter the difficulty or struggles we may have, we always have the ability to rise above and become more radiant than ever before.


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