Opening New Doors August 28, 2017 10:17

growing your business-moving forward in life-open new doors
"Old Ways Won't Open New Doors"......this really resonated with me this Monday morning. Especially since I have been creating new collections and product lines. To have new doors of opportunity open for you, you can't get stuck in the same old routine and expect new growth and development. I think this pertains to everyone in all aspects of life.  We all get comfortable and continue with our old ways and then wonder why we aren't moving and progressing forward. Sure it can be scary, but isn't it scarier to become stagnate and not grow as human beings? I think that is what people later come to regret, more so than taking a chance and opening a new chapter in life. Even the smallest of steps towards a new opportunity is better than no steps at all. So reach for the door knob and open a new door!