Are you trying to eliminate toxins in your daily life? June 25, 2019 18:54

Are you one of many who have been trying to eliminate toxins from your everyday life? I know it's not easy, but taking small steps all add up. You can start with things you do each day without even realizing it. Like that perfume from a department store that you spritz on as you're running out the door or that moisturizer you quickly rub on your face and arms or that bright blue bath bomb that you soaked in. All of these products contain chemicals.....whether they are synthetic fragrances or dyes, they are are all toxins.


Which is why I am so excited about our new monthly subscription box, Scent of the Month Club.  I help you eliminate those chemicals a little bit each month. I know you're busy with work, running around with the kids or maybe helping a parent or friend recover from an illness. Which is why I created this self care box for the busy modern woman who recognizes the importance of self care and a little "Me Time."


Each month you'll receive a beautifully curated box based around an all natural perfume blend. These perfumes contain only natural plant based ingredients. No chemicals. No synthetic fragrances.


Some other items that will be included are more naturally formulated body lotions and butters, dye free bath fizz, facial products, candles and some cute little gift items. Our deluxe box also includes a piece of handcrafted fine jewelry. All of these products are to help you begin to live a cleaner more fabulous lifestyle one small step at a time.


You can get these boxes using the link below. I hope you join me in my mission to get cleaner natural products in the hands of more woman. 




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