A Necklace, A Scarf and the Perfect Nude Lip December 15, 2017 19:09

scarf, Morganite, choker necklace, nude lip, fashion tips

The season of scarves! Yes, you see snow on the ground, that's from our second snowfall and today we had our third snowfall in less than a week. It sure feels like Christmas and Winter here in New Jersey. I paired this beautiful scarf that has a blend of shimmering warm shades with the Morganite Necklace. A chunk of natural gorgeous Morganite, the stone of divine love.

Scarves and necklaces pair really well together. Some may think you can't wear both, but you can mix them and create fun Winter styles. The scarf gives a pop of color (as well as functionality of keeping warm) and the necklace adds some sparkle.  I also mixed two of my favorite lipsticks Loreal Sandstone #810 and Matte Finish Caron #800 creating the perfect nude lip to complete this warm look.

Have fun creating your scarf and necklace looks and feel free to share them with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages.