7 Tips to keep your skin soft and looking fabulous during the Winter January 18, 2018 15:23

Did you know that your skin is your biggest organ? Yes, skin is an organ and the cold
winter months can take a toll on your skin. Here are some great tips to help you keep
your skin moisturized and you looking great during the Winter.

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1) Avoid taking hot baths that are too long as the hot water steals moisture from your skin. But that doesn't mean you have to avoid your tranquil hot bath. Just add a few    drops of some avocado oil or almond oil mixed with a drop of an essential oil to add some    moisture and a bit of aroma.  (Just be careful getting out of tub as they can make it slippery)

2) Apply lotion after taking a bath or shower to lock moisture back in your skin.

3) Even though the temps are cold, you still need to moisturize from the inside by staying hydrated with water or if you're like me...green tea.

4) Add some lemon: When you wake up, add some lemon to warm or room temperature water. Citrus, such as lemons, has been shown to help keep skin clear and moisturized as well as help fighting off the cold and flu as it's packed with vitamin C.

5) Exfoliate: The moisture can't get through dead skin cells so you need to get rid of it.  Weekly exfoliating helps keep skin smooth.

6) Extra Over Night Moisturizing: Slather extra lotion on hands, feet and elbows before bed. Those areas have thinner skin and loose moisture faster.

7) Wear Chap Stick!  Apply chap stick before bed and under your lipstick before going out  to keep lips smooth and avoid cracking.

Do you have other tips for pampering yourself during the Winter months? Be sure to share them below in comments for our readers!