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Zodiac Birthstone Necklace in Sterling Silver

$ 40.00

What's Your Sign?

Custom zodiac birthstone necklaces are hand stamped with your astrological sign and accented with a genuine gemstone birthstone. Each sterling silver bar is hand cut, filed, hand stamped and polished. Bars will range from 1 1/4 inches to 2 inches depending on the number of letters. Birthstone rondelles range in size from 4mm to 9mm. Entire necklace is crafted in 100% 925 Sterling Silver. Please select your birthstone and length from drop down boxes.

*Please make a note of the sign you would like on the bar in the box at check out:

1)  Aquarius
2)  Pisces
3)  Aries
4)  Taurus
5)  Gemini
6)  Cancer
7)  Leo
8)  Virgo
9)  Libra
10) Scorpio
11) Sagittarius
12) Capricorn


About Hand Stamped Jewelry

Each letter is individually hammered into the metal. All letters may not be perfectly lined as that is what gives each piece it's character and unique features.  It is then darkened and polished to a mirror like finish.

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